Saturn Engineering Services

Saturn Engineering is a professional service company, delivering the ultimate in engineering design, softwaare development, contract manufacturing and post production support.

Design & Technology

Saturn Engineering is a company innovative by nature. The company prides itself with having one of the most capable teams of software and hardware engineers available anywhere, and with the quantity of patents and innovations that span many fields. Saturn can assist you in many different ways in order to realize your vision.

The electrical and mechanical design teams at Saturn Engineering has extensive, practical design knowledge in a wide range of areas. The company has performed design work in power supplies, DC and AC amplifiers, low, medium, high and very high frequency RF circuits, micro-controllers, micro-processors, 16 and 32 processors and DSP. The company developers write software and firmware in Assembly, C/C++, VB and Visual C++, etc.

The company addresses every project as a complete system, including evaluation of package constraints, interfacing requirement, dimensioning & tolerance issues, environmental constraints, mounting details, and shipping requirements, applying their expertise in electro-mechanical design (Medical, Industrial, Avionic, Communications, Gaming, and Transportation, including high voltage electric-vehicle enclosures), sensor integration/implementation (IR, acoustic, pressure, accelerometer, video, and barcode) and both structural and thermal finite-element analysis.

We provide:

• Conceptual Product Design
• Electronic Design and Development
• Reverse Engineering
• Wireless Communications
• Engineering Testing and Evaluation

Manufacturing services

Saturn Engineering is a leading provider of electronics manufacturing services, including PC board assembly, using surface-mount or through hole technology, electromechanical assembly, cabling, final assembly. Once complete each product is thoroughly tested using our rigorous control program before it ever leaves the site.

We operate in our own ISO 9001:2008 certified facility, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Since 2004 we are FDA approved. Consistent quality of product is of great importance to all our business activities and is integrated into every operation and process from the very lowest level.

PCB Capabilities:

• Complex double-sided PCB assembly
• Continuous flow SMT lines
• Through-hole and mixed technology assembly
• Lead-free assembly
• No-clean and water soluble wave and reflow solder processing
• Complete electrical and functional testing
• In-circuit and chip programming and verification

Value-added EMS services:

• Kitted or turn-key projects
• Conformal coating with acrylic, silicone and urethane materials
• Encapsulate and potting in assembly housings
• Cable and harness assembly
• Existing products evaluation and cost optimization

Turnkey Product Manufacturing:

• High complexity products
• High mix, low volume assembly
• Box build and final assembly
• Equipment testing and calibration
• Burn-in testing per specs
• Product kitting and packaging

Product Management

Saturn Engineering offers end-of-life product management to his customers. End-of-life product management services include stocking spare parts and units, warranty management, repair and service.

We can also help you with value-added services like regulatory assistance, preparation of user guides or manuals, handling global logistics or inventory management for the assembled product. The highlights of our services include:

• Warranty and returns
• Product changes and upgrades
• Material Sourcing & Procurement
• Fulfillment & Logistic