Project “PipeStore” – European Innovative Solar System Project

Since 1st of December 2010 Saturn Engineering Ltd. is working on a project of world significance as part of specially selected consortium. We are working on A modular phase change material thermal store that enables optimal performance of renewable energy systems.


The PipeStore Concept

The aim of the PipeStore project is to develop a flexible, cost effective high density thermal store that enables effective use of conventional RES, such as solar thermal and heat pump systems. The PipeStore concept is based on the development of a modular ‘pipes-in-a-pipe’ low-cost thermal store, utilizing a combination of conventional inorganic PCMs as well as supersaturated solutions of sodium acetate (CH3COONa).


Description of the consortium 

5 partner roles have been identified for the PipeStore consortium and we have partnered with some of the best SMEs in the industry and some highly regarded RTO subcontractors. Each of our partners perfectly fulfils the needs of the project with no skills overlap.

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