Innovative. Creative. Dependable. Saturn Engineering prides itself with developing a great number of products for OEM customers in a diverse range of fields, including industrial, medical, dental & laboratory, consumer & commercial. Awarded for two consecutive years with the Bulgarian Annual Enterprise Award, the company offers the full range of services – from design services to end customer order fulfillment.


When you partner with Saturn Engineering you can expect world class quality and competitive price. Our design and engineering teams apply strict practices in compliance with FDA documentation and software validation requirement. What’s more, our manufacturing facility is registered with the FDA to produce medical products.

Representative Medical Products:

• Drug Nebulizers
• Dose Counters
• Respiratory Ventilators
• Medication Warmers
• Hearing Aid Devices

Dental and Laboratory

Representative Dental and Lab Products:

• Vacuum / Thermal Curing Chamber
• Halogen Light Curing Booth
• Induction Melting & Pressure Casting Equipment
• Magnetic Laboratory Stirrers and Mixers
• Environmental Chambers and Incubators


Saturn Engineering has extensive experience and a long track record of success in the industrial sector.

Representative Industrial Products:

• Process Control and Container Inspection Systems
• Advanced Induction Cap Sealing Equipment
• Modular PC Programmable Power Supplies
• Industrial Control Panels

Consumer and Commercial

Representative Consumer and Commercial Products

• Binoculars with built-in digital camera
• Pet feeder with RFID tag recognition
• Burglar alarms and security systems
• Remote controls
• Control panel for desktop paper folder
• Commercial induction plate heater
• Golf club repair system
• Rechargeable delivery car display