Saturn Engineering is a company innovative by nature. Innovation is a long-term policy and there is a strong direct management support to the innovation processes within the company. New products and services of Saturn engineering represent significant percentage of its revenue and serious amount of it is reinvested for further development and innovation.

Saturn Engineering is awarded for two consecutive years with the Bulgarian Annual Enterprise Award.

  • The Induction Cap Sealing System brought the Annual Bulgarian Innovative Enterprise Award for 2006. Induction cap sealing is a method of hermetically sealing plastic and glass containers.
    Saturn has developed a water-free and fun free system with speed up to 100 m per minute for high volumes, a portable hand-held device for low production and a cap inspector system which monitors a wide range of container sizes at various conveyor line speeds. All systems brings the ultimate in reliability and performance.
  • Saturn Engineering received the Innovation Enterprise Award for the second time for developing a Warming Cradle for the leading biotechnology company based in Warrington, Pennsylvania – Discovery Labs. Saturn was charged with improving upon the industrial design of the warming cradle, facilitating approvals by regulatory agencies, handling all aspects of the product manufacturing and executing a successful launch.

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