Saturn Engineering is an electronic manufacturing service provider from Bulgaria focused on delivering complete and customized solutions for OEM customers. The company provides innovative engineering design, product development and contract manufacturing in a broad range of fields including industrial, medical, dental and consumer. Saturn Engineering provides engineering services to our sister company, Ultraflex Power Technologies – Induction heating power supplies. Ultraflex offers the most advanced and innovative digitally controlled induction heating technology in the industry. The flexible output circuits and adaptive tuning power supplies feature the widest load matching and frequency ranges on the market, ensuring that our customers’ varying load conditions can be precisely matched to the equipment, which maximizes operating efficiency and minimizes process deviation. The Ultraflex Power Technologies product line is included below. For more information on an Ultraflex Power Technologies Induction System, contact us today!

Since 1998 when we were established, we have become a successful extension to the engineering teams of many companies helping them to increase their profits and significantly reduce the time-to-market and the development cost.

Advantage of the company is its ability to provide technologically advanced and cost effective solutions by utilizing its team of talented engineers in the ISO 9001:2008 certified design and manufacturing facility in Sofia, Bulgaria. As a recent member of the European Union, the country guarantees a stable business environment and protection of intellectual property and yet offers the benefits of low cost manufacturing.

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